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Across the spectrum of retirement living services in Missouri, you have a broad variety of options. Even within home care, St. Louis, MO has seven or more different provider types, and the situation is similar throughout Missouri With Le Home Care, a referral service for all of Missouri, your planning is not limited to any one provider type. We start by listening to your needs. Then your personal Le Home Care consultant considers a spectrum of options that may include types of home care and/or residential options. When indicated, we negotiate prices for you with the service providers. Finally, your consultant discusses with you how each fits your needs and budget and presents the best options in your area. We also discuss qualifications and quality indicators. For instance, are there federal services that rate this facility? Is the accreditation rigorous or more of a paid-for badging. Are they licensed in Missouri, and how much does that matter for the type of service you need? We help you navigate all the options below, and we do it at no charge to you.

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With Le Home Care, families never pay for the shopping, negotiating, and consultation services we provide. You do not pay Le Home Care directly, and you do not pay extra to the home care agency or residential services. If and when you choose a provider we recommend, that provider pays Le Home Care for the referral. See how much easier this process can be. Answer a few quick questions and let us work for you - at no cost or obligation to you.

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